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New Book

I started reading a new book the other day.  Lincoln in the Bardo by George Saunders.  I am reading it on my iPad.  Trying something new.  Instead of buying books, I am going to be borrowing them from the library by down-loading them onto my iPad.  Pretty neat process.  Save some money, too.  I took out a membership at the London Public Library.  Carol has been doing this for quite some time.  She loves it.  So I am going to see how it goes.  I miss having the book in my hand, but I must say it is a handy way to go.


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Snow last week, rain today

I woke up in the middle of the night to the sound of fairly significant rain.  That was the start to a fairly quiet week.  Our friends, the Hughes will be returning this week from their holiday visit with family in Colorado.  And I will be visiting my optometrist this week to see what shape my eyes are in one month after my last cataract was removed.  I suspect that I will still need glasses.  I can see things sharper and more distinct with my left eye.  And definitely will need bifocals for reading.

And I will continue working on my lines for a play that I will be participating in down in Texas.

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Interesting Mogg Blog Viewers

According to Statcounter, these are the last three viewers of my Mogg Blog.  So interesting.


Jsc Er-telecom Holding Kazan’ Branch ( Label Visitor
(No referring link)


Russian Federation / ru-ru


Bezeq International ( Label Visitor
(No referring link)


Tel Aviv,
Israel / en-us


Beeline Home ( Label Visitor
(No referring link)


Russian Federation / ru-ru

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just gorgeous outside, cold, but gorgeous

Think I will grab my binoculars and camera and head of onto the backroads.  Won’t be long and I might be seeing Rough-legged Hawks and Snowy Owls.  Lapland Longspurs should be around, too.  Seems there is a surprise out there, every time I head out.

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Hawk Cliff — here I come

Tomorrow, three friends from Sarnia are picking me up at 9 am and we are heading to Hawk Cliff.  I usually only get there once in the fall to look for hawks and tomorrow is the day.  My buddies have never been there before so it will be a treat for them.  Come early afternoon, we will head over to Port Stanley for a bite to eat and something to wash down the food.  Guess what that will be.

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A couple of new radio station links on the side bar

I added a couple of links for listening to internet radio on the side bar.  One is KEOS.  This is a radio station near Houston, in College Station.  Very good programming.  The other is a Louisiana radio station, Lafayette.  KRVS.  I particularly like the Friday and Saturday programming on this station.

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On the side bar, click on the arrow under Boz to hear a nice Boz Scagg’s track.

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