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The Girl On The Train

I guess a couple of years ago they made a movie on this novel.  I don’t remember ever watching it.  But I figured it would a thriller, a real page-turner.  Something light.  Started it today.  31263BDB-BEC0-4F89-AAC0-2F9010F9BD27w

i guess placement of the photo could have been better.  Oh well.


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I am re-reading a novel that I once read back in 1980.  The name of the novel is O TIME IN YOUR FLIGHT and it was written by Hubert Evans.  It is basically about life Ontario back around the turn of the century (1900, not 2000).  I remember that I thoroughly enjoyed the story back when I first read it.  It really captures life as it was back then.1083BF8C-833F-413E-A273-F85E4F3B7587

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Sherlock Holmes

I have just about finished reading a Sherlock Holmes novel.  It was not written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.  The author is Anthony Horowitz.  The name of the book is THE HOUSE OF SILK.  It is a pretty good read.

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On to another book

LullabiesForLittleCriminalsThe book I started reading today has been kicking around the house for awhile.  Not sure where it came from, but I must have purchased it somewhere along the line.  LULLABIES FOR LITTLE CRIMINALS by Heather O’Neill.

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