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Another lifer. #570 in North America

It has been 6 or 7 years since Tamaulipas Crow has been seen in the United States.  It is normally found in northeastern Mexico.  They used to nest in the Brownsville Landfill and could be found regularly there.  But for some reason they stopped showing up at the Landfill.  But this year they are popping up in several locations here in Texas.  On Friday, November 24th, we went to the dump (where they are being reported this year).  Spent 4 hours looking and came away without seeing one.  I went back and spent another 3 hours looking again.  Still did not see one.  There are also 2 Tamaulipas Crows being reported on South Padre Island, at the World Birding Centre.  (Go figure)  So when I left the Landfill, I drove over to the Island.  Bingo.  Got the bird.  Worth the effort.  The photos on this post aren’t the best, but they are the best I could get.


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