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Dickcissels west of Strathroy

Yesterday, July 18, 2017, I drove out Calvert Road, west of Strathroy.  My thought was to turn onto Kerwood Road and see if I could find an Dickcissels.  I have seen them here is past years, but as far as I know, none have been reported there this year.  The field on the west side of Kerwood Road and along the north side of Calvert is ideal habitat, tall grass with scattered scrubby bushes.  Before long I could hear Dickcissels singing.  I waited for awhile and finally saw one or possibly two.  I took a few pictures, but the light was not all that good.

Today, I went back.  Again, I could hear them singing.  But I could not see one.  I turned off Kerwood Road and onto Calvert, slowly driving along the edge of the road.  Before long, a Dickcissel popped up out of the grass and sat on the fence, right near the car.

Here is a picture I took.



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