Interesting week

22 Mar

I had an unusual week.  On Monday, I was out driving the back roads.  I had been seeing a number of American Kestrels.  Not unusual.  As the car approaches their location (mostly perched on wires), they always take to the air and move to a new location on the wire.  As I slowly made my way along a dirt road.  I saw what I thought was another Kestrel.  But this bird did not take to the air as I drove pass.  So I stopped the car to see if I could get a picture.  It seemed a little odd that the bird did not fly off.  I started towards it, taking photos, getting closer and closer.  Eventually when I was almost under it, the bird did fly off.  Something about this bird seemed different.  Today, I showed the photo to a friend.  We both agreed that it did not look like a Kestrel.  This afternoon, I put the photos on the computer.  The only bird down here like a Kestrel is the Aplomado Falcon.  Sure enough.  The photos confirmed my ID.

Aplomado Falcon pic taken on Canon Road near Adams Reservoir

This morning, I went to the library before 8 am.  Residents here in our RV Resort have been reporting seeing parrots in the bird garden that is behind the library.  I put out some peanuts in the shell on one of the feeders.  5 minutes later, a Red-crowned Parrot flew down and landed on the feeder and started eating the peanuts.  I took this picture of the parrot.

parrot4 at the bird garden

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