Yard Birds

05 Mar

I have a very simple feeding system in the front yard.  I have a 1 1/2 foot log (about 5 inches in diameter) affixed to the top of one of the those shepherd hook feeder hangers.  Each morning I spread peanut butter to both ends of the log.  I cut an orange or an apple in half.  These are impaled onto the log.  A hummingbird feeder hangs from the shepherd hook.  I installed a water drip this year, also.  These are clearly visible from my front window and drop my lawn chair in the carport.  I do not put out seed of any kind.  Seed attracts Red-wings Blackbirds and House Sparrows.   I have put in the following plants in the front yard.  1)  An Avocado Tree  2) A Cape Honeysuckle Bush  3)   Another bush that I forget the name of, but it has small cherry-like berries  4)  There are 4 Turk’s Cap Lilies  5)  And there is one Fiddlehead bush.

I may add more  stuff.  In fact it is likely that I will add more.  Not sure what, yet.

So what birds do I attract?  Well, there is a pair of Great-Tailed Grackles.  These are very intelligent acting birds.  And they are not shy.  They will come to the feeder even if I am only about 6 feet away.  There is one (I say one because I have only seen one at a time) Orange-crowned Warbler.  There is a pair of Northern Mockingbirds, a pair of Curve-billed Thrashers and a pair of Golden-fronted Woodpeckers.  I see Inca Doves and European Collared-Doves close-by, but they don’t come to my feeder because there is no seed.  Occasionally, I see Great Kiskadees in the neighbor’s tree, but not at my feeder yet.  One of these days they will come to my peanut butter I suspect.



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