16 Dec

This is a link to the many Christmas Bird Count Circles in North America.  Amazing.  Just click and zoom in to see the circles in your part of the country.

The annual Christmas Bird Count period has arrived.  Yesterday, I did my first Christmas Bird Count for this 2016-2017 count period.  It was a blast.  The name of the count was the Coastal Tip CBC.  So I have now participated in this count two years in a row.  Very interesting and very different from the counts I was part of back in Ontario.  The biggest difference is the lack of SNOW.  This makes the simple act of getting around so much easier.  Back in Ontario, there were counts that I simply had to forego, because I just count not get there.  I remember one early morning, heading to the Blenheim Christmas Bird Count.  The night before the count, it had snowed.  ALOT.  I had a 1 1/2 hour drive to get to the count area to meet up with my friend and count partner, Jim Burk.  It was dark.  It was cold.  And the roads were covered with almost a foot of snow.  Not a single car had been out on the roads.  In fact, there was a bit of guess as to where the road was.  I just stuck to the middle of where I thought the road was.  But I did get to my destination.  I met up with Jim.  And we spent the day trudging thru the snow counting on the birds we could find.  Great memories.

The count yesterday was so different.  It was a bit damp.  But not cold.  Our count group spent the day driving up and down, back and forth on the streets of Port Isabel searching for and counting every bird we could find.  We would get out to listen for bird song, bird chips and any bird movement.  We stopped at any access point to the Gulf waters.  And the list we built up thru-out the day, was kept on eBird.  Several people in our group are adamant eBird users.  EBird provides an on-line platform for keeping lists of birds and heard.  It was a lot of fun.  I mean, like, 4 SCISSOR-TAILED FLYCATCHERS!



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