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I like mornings.  They signify a starting point, a beginning, something new.  They tend to be quiet, a time to be alone, for reflection.  I usually face these hours with music.  Sometimes with jazz, sometimes with “new age”.  These two musical genres seem best to accompany me through the early hours as I work my way thru a novel (currently it is INDEPENDENCE DAY by RICHARD Ford) or browse thru a birding magazine.  The latest issue of the American Birding Association’s BIRDER’S GUIDE arrived in the mail yesterday.  I thumbed thru it yesterday evening before going to bed.  There are a number of interesting sounding article that I want to read.  And it is always fun to look at the colourful advertising of distant birding locations–Alaska, the Helena Delta in Arkansas, New.Zealand, India, Cambodia, Florida, Papua New Guinea, Ecuador and of course, Texas.

And since this is the weekend, the music that I am hearing is provided by ECHOES, a “new age” radio show broadcast by CMU National Public Radio out of Mount Pleasant, Michigan.  This two-hour show is broadcast each Saturday and Sunday morning from 6-8 am.  I stream this station thru the Internet.  In this day and age, it is no longer necessary to have a radio in the house.  Our internet devices do it all.

Enough of this rambling.  I know I have said it all before.  Time to make some toast and get back to my novel.

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