quality time at the cabin

27 May

This past Monday, I drove over into Michigan, to spend a few days at my cabin, which is located a bit south of Houghton Lake, mid-way between Harrison and Gladwin.  It is situated on the Cedar River, a beautiful, clear, sandy-bottomed trout stream.  This is the first time this year that I have been there.  I never know exactly what to expect on the first arrival of the year.  However, this year I did have a bit of an idea, because during the winter, we had received an email from the neighbors informing us that a rather large limb had split off from one of the White Pine trees and that it had landed on the roof.  OUCH!!  We contacted one of our other neighbors and made arrangements to have it removed from the roof and cut up.  And that is just what I found.  There were about three piles of branches and limbs.  Quite a bit of a mess.  But at least it was not still up on the roof.


So one of my jobs entailed cleaning up the branches and piling up the larger limbs for future cutting up into more manageable size for fire wood.  I also needed to pull out the lawn mower and give the yard its first cutting of the year.



Jobs like these I actually enjoy.  I get a sense of accomplishment from doing these manual tasks.  And to see the property transformed into something that looks cared for gives me a good feeling.

The weather was just terrific.  Blue skies and lots of sun.  The temperatures ranged up into the 80’s F ( around 27/28 C ).  I really worked up a sweat.  On Wednesday afternoon, I actually stripped down and jumped into the river to cool off.  The water sure was cold, but it felt good and refreshing.


Being at the cabin puts me in a peaceful frame of mind.  I can sit in a lawn chair and watch the water flow by, listen to the birds singing, read my books and magazines and listen to the favourite NPR radio station (WCMU).

The water level seemed a bit low.

At this time of year, the birds put out non-stop song, especially in the morning.

I am just finishing up reading a book that my good friend and neighbor, Clyde, from down in Texas, loaned to me just before we left Texas to head back home to Ontario.  It is a auto-biographical saga of Dave Barr, a disabled veteran (lost both legs from the knee down) that rode his Harley Davidson motorcycle 83,000 miles around the world to raise money and awareness of the disabled.  It is an incredible story and I am glad that Clyde loaned me the book.

WCMU plays mostly classical music throughout the day, with informative talk shows in the evening, followed by jazz and blues throughout the night.

My dog, Abby and I go for walks regularly.  On Tuesday, we were walking on one of the trails that snakes around my neighbors property, across the road.  At one point, Abby ran up ahead down the trail and I lost sight of her.  Next thing I see, there is a Skunk running down  the trail, straight in my direction.  And Abby is trotting along behind her, trying to figure out just what kind of animal this was.  Abby is pretty deaf, but I yelled and yelled  and waved my arms to get her attention.  Luckily, she backed off and came around to me as I was beating a hasty retreat back up the trail, leaving the Skunk  behind.  Abby did received a small shot from the Skunk, that bothered her for awhile.  But the odour seemed to dissipate other night.

I went up on the roof to see if there was any damage from the fallen limb.  In one spot there was some damage.  I went to the hardware store and got some roofing patch material (sort of like tar) and patched it up.  That was Wednesday afternoon.  I am glad I did it, because Wednesday night it rained very hard.

I saw 53 species of birds on this visit.  This is not bad considering I saw no ducks, no hawks, no shorebirds, no gulls and no owls.



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