14 May

On Friday, my friend, Bob Turner and I, left my place at 5:30 am and drove to Rondeau Provincial Park.  We arrived shortly before 7 am.  Our friends, Ron, Jerry and John, met us there for our annual birding get-together.  It was partly funny, with temperatures in the high 60’s.


During the day, we ran into a number of other birding friends as we walked the trails and went from one area to another.  South Point Trail, Spicebush Trail, the Tulip-Tree Trail, the trail behind the maintenance building and the Harrison Trail.  We covered them all.  A lot of walking.  My feet and knees were complaining at the end of the day.  But we were very pleased with the way things went and sat down at the picnic area in front of the visitor centre totalling up our sightings for the day, and toasting our fun and success with a beer.

Unfortunately, the park rangers drove up and made us empty our bottles on the ground and took the empties away.  BUSTED.


Our total for the day was 80 species.  Not bad.  We’ve done better in the past.  One year, we actually got to 100.  But that included a trip to the sewage lagoon.  Of the 80 species we saw on Friday, 21 were warbler species.

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