25 Apr

imageImmediately behind our condo unit, there is a quasi-wet, somewhat marshy area.  I would that it about 7-10 acres.  There is a trail that has formed around the perimeter of this area from people out walking their dogs or just out for some exercise.



It is a great little area for catching sight of deer, fox and ground hogs.  And of course, it is an attractive area for birds.  Crows, grackles, cowbirds, red-wings, robins, cardinals, bluejays, buntings, flycatchers, catbirds, sparrows, Orioles, thrashers, and ducks all nest in this area.  I love it.  Every morning and every evening my routine is to take Abby around the trail for our exercise.

Right now, everything is still pretty brown.  But signs of life are around.  The honeysuckle bushes are leafing out, as are the willows.  Weeds and grasses are sprouting up thru the sandy soil.  The dormancy has broken and another cycle of life has begun.

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