re-discovering a few back roads

16 Apr

Friday afternoon, I headed out to re-familiarize myself with some of the backroads southwest of Strathroy.  I headed south of town on County Road 81 and then turned west on Olde Drive.  Weatherwise, the day was hard to beat.  The roads were is good shape.  The low areas in the fields are still full of water.  Nesting Canada Geese were seen in most of these small pond areas.  I slowly puttered along, stopping often to check things out with my binoculars.  I turned down Sutherland Road for a bit and then turned west on Falconbridge.  I drove past the big electrical plant.  There is a wooded area across from this plant that I explored on foot a few times with a friend of mine a number of years ago.

At the intersection of Falconbridge and Melbourne Road, there is a large wet area that stays wet throughout most of the summer.  This has always been a good area to see and hear Wilson’s Snipe.  It is a fun place to stop early in the morning to observe.  In spring and summer they often stand on fence posts or take to the sky with a fast, zigzagging flight and an unusual “winnowing” sound made with the tail. I spotted one low in the grass and managed to get this picture.


Beyond this wet point, I turned south on Springfield Drive and continued all the way down to Hyndman Drive.  I did not get out to explore anything on foot, but I did stop at a number of woodlots along the way to listen and observe.  At one of the woodlots I saw a Sharp-shinned Hawk working its way through the trees.  On Hyndman Drive there was nothing to see other than a couple of Song Sparrows and one Horned Lark.  Then it was time  to head back home.  Quite a nice way to spend the afternoon.  Good to see some of my old stomping grounds again.


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    April 16, 2016 at 10:34 am

    Nice ! 😉

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