only three weeks left…..but still a lot going on

07 Mar

Late this afternoon, the Luau Celebration will take place in the dance hall.  I am one of six “warriors”.  We will be barefoot, bare-chested and wearing sarongs, a circle of leaves on our heads and will be carrying spears.  We have a couple of routines that we have learned and will perform for everyone.  Myself and another “warrior” will carry in a pig (paper mache) to get the blessing of the King of the Luau.  We also escort attendees to their table.  All this begins at 4 pm.  There will be a dinner and a dance to follow.  People are already showing up this morning to decorate their tables.

On Wednesday evening, the Birding Group in the park is showing a film.  GULF CROSSING:  SPRING MIGRATION ACROSS GULF OF MEXICO.  We are showing the film in the computer room and we are hoping for around 30 people to attend.

Gulf Crossing Poster

Then on the third Saturday of the month, there is another dance.  This should really be a blast.  A live band.  Rock and Roll.  50’s, 60’s and 70’s music.  The dance floor will be filled!!!!!  This is a picture of our dance hall and the stage.

View of Dance Hall and the Stage

Parrot Head Dance



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