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Heading into Mexico

Heading into Mexico.  People here in Texas think twice about.  There are numerous entry points along the Texas border.  Some take you into a border city, like Matamorous or Reynosa and at some you just get on a highway.  The majority of Texans and Winter Texans, in the Rio Grande Valley are hesitant about crossing over.  I even know some Latinos that simply will not cross over.  A fair number of people in our RV Park will not cross over.  They are simply too scared.  We cross over into a small town named Progresso.  I think this town basically lives off Winter Texans that cross over looking for bargains and sample a different lifestyle.  There are numerous dental offices offering their services at a quarter of what you would pay in the states.  Crowns cost $250-$300, for example.  I have yet to hear anyone complain about the quality of workmanship.  Inexpensive prescription drugs are another reason many US residents cross over.  There are some good restaurants in Progresso, also.

But other than to Progresso, I don’t think I would cross over.  Drugs, extortion, robbery…….too many horror stories.  Border Patrol vehicles are found all along the border roads.  The Border Patrol employs lots of people.  There are major drug busts at various border crossings almost every day.

I am currently reading a book about a U.S. naturalist traveling thru the Mexican countryside, cataloguing the feel of the country and indentifying the plants and animals he encounters.  This work was done in the 1980’s.  Nothing is mentioned about the modern-day dangers of traveling thru Mexico.  I have been told that the most dangerous areas are the border areas.  But I just would not feel safe wandering around the countryside there.  Maybe I am just a bit of a coward or maybe I am just getting too old to be an explorer.  Perhaps if I was in my 20’s or 30’s, I would feel different.  After all, there are some pretty rough areas, right here is the good, old USA.



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