turning around

02 Mar

This has been our 3rd year of staying at Fun N Sun in Texas for the winter.  What I have noticed is that people begin to leave at the end of February.  The park’s post office always tracks the occupancy rate and notes the number on a white board in the post office.  Last week, the number was 760 occupied sites. Today, the number is 740.  So people are beginning to pack up and leave for home.  Most wait until the end of March.  But things have definitely turned around and everyday you notice rigs pulling out.

Yet, there are still a lot of activities going on.  Tomorrow, there is a ladies luncheon and fashion show.  Friday, there is a park-wide patio sale.  Saturday, there is the Arts and Crafts Exhibition.  This is where all the people in the park display craft items.  It is amazing to see all the things that people here in the park have made.  Great stuff.

Our Gospel Choir, that I am a part of, has 3 performances coming up over the next week.  And of course, there is a dance every Friday evening.  There is a Parrot Head dance on the 19th.  And there is also a Luau Festival and Dance on the 7th.

So there is still a lot of things to participate in and enjoy.  We are staying until the end of March.  Time slips by so quickly.  Not much time left.

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