sunny again

05 Jan

It is so good to see the sun again.  Blue Sky.  Just a slight gulf breeze.  And temperature in the mid 50’s.  I am enjoying sitting outside in my lawn chair reading my book.  The park maintenance people are making the rounds cutting grass (if you have any – and we do).  Earlier this morning I planted a seedling Avocado Tree in the front yard.  I also planted a native scrub of some kind.  It produces smallish red berries a little smaller than sour cherries.  Birds are attracted to these berries.   Plants grow guickly down here in this environment.  It will be interesting come next year to see how they come along.




Avocado Tree

The book I am reading is A NATURALIST IN COSTA RICA by Alexander Skutch.  As a young man, Skutch moved to Costa Rica in the 1930’s.  He studied and observed mostly birds, but other forms of wildlife, also.  He was a botanist, too.  He wrote several books detailing his observations.  I first heard about this amazing man many years ago, but never got around to reading any of his books until now.

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