Harlingen Christmas Bird Count

03 Jan

This year the count was held on Saturday, January 2nd.  The weather was not the best (for down here in the valley).  It was windy, temperature was in the 40’s F and it rained all day, quite steady.  But this did not stop the avid participants.  Our group, for example, Diana Miller, Bill Beaty and I, started at 4 am to owl until 6 am.  During this period of owling, we located 3 Eastern Screech-Owls and 3 Common Paraques.  At 6:30 am, we met up with the rest of the participants to receive our individual area packets – maps, checklist, etc. And then we were off.  Unfortunately, due to the wet conditions, much of our area was inaccessible to vehicle traffic.  But we kept going where we could.  Re-checking some areas several times.

Our group has some interesting birds:  Greater White-fronted Goose (4), Northern Bobwhite (10), Anhnga (3), American White Pelican (75), Black-crowned Night-Heron (16), Harris’s Hawk (2), Red-shouldered Hawk (1), Sora (1) Wilson’s Snipe (1), Great Kiskadee (6), Loggerhead Shrike (5), Cave Swallow (5), Orange-crowned Warbler (5), Vesper Sparrow (1) and Western Meadowlark (31).  We missed quite a few birds that we should have seen, partly due to the inaccessibility of key areas in our part of the circle.

At the dinner and count tally last night, we learned that, over-all, there were 153 species located on count day.  It was a lot of fun.

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