lead up to 2016

01 Jan

This has been an interesting last few days.  A little over a week ago, my lower back molar on the right, split in two.  Half of it was very loose.  But it stayed in place.  So I made an appointment with my dentist in Mexico.  On Wednesday, I showed up on time for my 11:30 appointment.

Our friends, Larry and Linda, from Kettle Point, came along so they could do some sightseeing and shopping while the dentist worked on my tooth.

i was in the waiting room for about an hour and finally got to the chair at 12:30.  The dentist examined the tooth and quickly determined that the tooth could be saved and that an extraction would be necessary.  She gave me some freezing and set about to remove the tooth.  It did not come out easily.  She worked and worked on it.  She sent the other patients home as she said she needed time to take this tooth out.  Eventually, the tooth broke off, leaving two roots deeply embedded in my gums.  She continued to work on trying to get the roots out.  It was very painful.  At last she said that she would send for a specialist to come and perform a root canal.  By this time, Carol, Linda and Larry had returned from shopping and lunch.  I told them I had to wait for a specialist to arrive to perform the root canal.  They decided that Carol would take our friends home and then come back for me.

The specialist came and performed the root canal.  Then the dentist told me I would to come back the next day at 11:00 am to see another specialist that would surgically remove the two roots.

I walked down to the border crossing to wait for Carol.  While waiting I struck up a conversation with a street vendor.  That worked for another dentist.  His job was to asked all new arrivals if they needed a dentist.  And if they did he would direct them to his employer.  Basically, he just worked the street corner doing that.  Nice guy.  We talked about Trump.  He said no one down in Mexico likes him.  Which is what I expected.  This fella said he used to live in Houston, but he got deported.  I think he was an illegal.  He was hoping to go back to the states.  He was also telling me that this particular town (Progresso) was pretty safe,  unlike other border towns.  The police and the army know EVERYONE.  So when the bad guys show up, with their guns (cartel people), the soldiers are always watching and they get the “white people” (his words) to safety before the gun fire starts and they kill the bad guys (his words, again).  To say the least, it was an interesting conversation.

Carol arrived and we headed back to the park.

Thursday morning (New Year’s Eve) we headed back to Mexico.  (1/2 hr drive)  I sat and waited for the “specialist” to arrive.  Carol went off to wander around the town.  As it turned out, two specialists arrived.  On time.  They assured me the procedure would only take about 15 minutes.  It was a father and son team.  The main fellow, the father, did not speak English.  His son translated throughout the procedure.  They froze me up good.  And set about to cut into my gum and remove the roots.  And true to their word, they completed the work in 15 minutes.  They had me stitched up and I was on my way.

I went down to the main street and located Carol.  We wandered the shops for a while, picked up some pain meds and some Amoxillen prescribed by my dentist, (their are lots and lots of pharmacies in this town) and then headed home.

Once back in the trailer, I lay down and rested for a while.  Around 6 pm I got up and we got ready for the park’s New Year’s Eve party.  It was a great party.  There was a 15 piece big band.  (you would have loved it, Bob Zeller)  They were great, playing mostly swing, cha chas, waltzes, and rumbas.  The dance hall was VERY nicely decorated.  A terrific time was had by all, all 450 attendees.

And now it is 2016.



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2 responses to “lead up to 2016

  1. Bob Zeller

    January 1, 2016 at 12:07 pm

    quite a way to end the year. Happy New Year, Dave, to you and your’s. 🙂

  2. Blake Mann

    January 1, 2016 at 2:31 pm

    Happy New Year Dave!
    A little snow up here today. Our Vermilion Flycatcher is doing OK.

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