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29 Dec

This afternoon I thought I would drive over to the Santa Ana Wildlife Refuge (45 minute drive from the park) to see if I might be lucky enough to see the NORTHERN JACANA that has been hanging around for a while.  There was a $5 admission fee and I did not have any cash on me.  But the girl at the entry gate, said I could drive in to the Visitor’s Centre and use the ATM machine and pay the $5 to the people at the desk in the centre.  Which is what I did.

I got directions to the lake where this bird has been making it home of late.  On the trail, I met some people coming back from looking for the bird.  They informed me that it had not been seen for a while.  I kept going and as I approached the viewing stand, one of the fellows there saw me coming and gave me the “thumbs up”.

“It just flew in from over there,” he said.

I could not have been luckier.  The NORTHERN JACANA is a Code 4 bird in North America.  It is a Mexican and Central American specie and only a casual visitor to ponds and marshes in southern Texas.  If I had taken my camera I could have gotten a terrific picture, because it was fairly close to the viewing stand.

This puts my life list at 562 bird species.  All of these I have seen in North America.  Even though I have been over in Mexico fairly often (just to the border town of Progresso), there is not much in the way of birds to be found there.  I think I will have celebratory drink – pineapple rum and fruit juice.  Sound good?


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