the forecast was correct

22 Nov

The rain came on Friday.  It poured pretty much the whole day.  However, Saturday was pretty nice.  Good day for a drive.  I drove some back-roads up towards Sol de Rey,  an inland salt-water lake.  It was a pretty neat drive.  With the rain from the previous day, there were newly formed “lakes” in many places.  Saw a number of neat things.  Mottled Ducks here and there.  A flock of approximately 100 Long-billed Dowitchers.  A gathering of vultures, both Turkey and Black.  Crested Caracaras with the vultures and in several other areas.  A few Least Grebes.

I watched a couple of college football games in the afternoon.  Michigan vs Penn State (Michigan won) and Michigan State vs. Ohio State (Michigan State won).  Nice.  In the evening, we went to a theme dance here in the park.  The theme was “Deer Camp”.  Everyone going to the dance was encouraged to wear “Camouflage” clothing.  It was a blast.  There was a live band that played very danceable music mostly from the 60’s and 70’s.

The cold front moved in during the evening and this morning, I woke up to bright blue skies with temps on the chilly side.  8 C (46 F).  It is only supposed to get up to about 60 F today.  When I took Abby to the dog park this morning, I was interesting to see a number of people out for their mornings walks all bundled up in winter coats.

In addition to the usual suspects at my feeders (Curve-billed Thrashers, Northern Mockingbirds and Orange-crowned Warblers), I now have Eurasion Collared-Doves and Inca Doves feeding regularly.  Life is good.

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