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it’s over… least for me

Today was the final day of the Festival.  The store and the trade show closed at 4 pm.  I went at 4 to help pack up the shop and dismantle shelving and box everything up.  Not sure if I mentioned that the store is staffed by volunteers from our park.  There were about a dozen people to put things away and box everything up.  Most of the boxes and shelving, etc. is put in storage until next year at this time.  We were finished at about 5:15 pm.

Then the local culinary school puts out a supper feast for the volunteers, the Audubon Society members that put on the festival, the trade show people and all the guides that lead the field trips.  Lots of good food.  And then the beer and wine came out and everyone chatted about the festival.

From what I have heard, the festival was quite the success.  There were about 600 registered participants.  Such excellent guides!!  As I was leaving, I turned around and there was Jon Dunn, Mary Gustafson and Debbie Shearwater sitting together at one of the tables.  And Greg Miller and Kevin Karlson were not far away.

People just love this festival.

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