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01 Nov

We only saw one accident on our trip down.  I don’t think it was a serious one.  Going thru Ohio on I-75 was not much fun.  About 75% of that portion of the trip was under construction/road work.  The Cincinnati area was not nearly as crazy as the last few times,  Traffic moves along pretty well there, despite being bumper to bumper.  Travel thru the Louisville area wasn’t bad.  It moved along pretty good.  The approach to Nashville was backed way up.  VERY SLOW!  The same can be said about the approach to Memphis.  I don’t remember having these issues on other trips.  The rest of the trip moved along pretty good.  Houston traffic was a bit crazy, but that’s Houston.

One further note:  At this time, gasoline here in the Rio Grande Valley is $1.85 a gallon, or $0.65 a litre (with exchange rate).




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  1. Jo-Ann Gruber

    November 1, 2015 at 9:45 am

    We avoided Nashville and Memphis this time taking the Bluegrass Parkway out of Lexington. It is 4 lane divided limited access. Took us to Dyersville, TN where we spent the night and then got on I55 to West Memphis where we got on I 40. It was a very pleasant trip without traffic hassles. Stop by!

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