early rising

01 Oct

I was up very early this morning.  4:30 am.  Just couldn’t get back to sleep.  The blessing in that is the quiet time it provides.  Read some in my book.  The early morning hours went by quickly.  I went over to the dog park with Abby and we walked two miles around the inside perimeter of the park.  (6 laps).  Very chilly, though.  5 C (40 F).  Dug a hooded sweat shirt out of the closet to wear under my jacket.  Felt good.  The sweat shirt has been on my shelf in the closet for over a year, yet this is the first time I have put it on.  Not sure why.  I guess I just grab one of my old familiar shirts as a rule.  Takes me a while to warm up to new clothes.  Silly, isn’t it?


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