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Wednesday morning we got off to a good start.  We were on the road again by 7 am.  Memphis, then south thru Mississippi.  It was raining most of the day.  Not hard, but steady.  The drive down thru Miss. Is enjoyable.  Not a lot of traffic, good road conditions, the only city the highway passes thru is Jackson, the rest of the drive thru Miss. Is mostly thru scenic, wooded areas.

After leaving Miss. and entering Louisiana, it isn’t long before we stopped going south and turned west, driving into Baton Rouge, then continuing west thru Lafayette, traveling over the 20 mile bridge through a bayou area before heading thru Lake Charles.

About 60 miles west of Lake Charles, we crossed into Texas, driving thru Beaumont and finally reaching our destination, another La Quinta hotel, on the west side of Houston.  The end of the second long day on the road.

Thursday morning, our drive turned south again.  The weather cleared up and had a beautiful drive along the Gulf Coast for about 7 hours, past Victoria, past Corpus Christie, thru Refugio and finally arriving at our resort park, Fun n Sun, at 2 pm.   From Houston down to San Benito, temperatures increased rapidly.  It was over 90 F (30 C) when we pulled into our driveway.


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long day behind the wheel

I am sitting in the La Quinta motel room in Jackson, Tennessee watching the 1st game of the 2015 World Series.  I don’t have a favourite team.  But it is fun to watch.

Jackson, Tennessee is just off Music Highway (interstate highway U.S. 10), approximately mid-way between Nashville and Memphis.

i drove 770 miles today.  We left the house at 6 am.  Stopped at Timmies (Tim Hortons) for coffee and a breakfast sandwich before leaving town.  Stopped for lunch at a Cracker Barrell in La Grange, Kentucky.  The total trip from our place in Strathroy to the park in Texas is 1,818 miles.  We are well on our way.


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beautiful autumn day

Couldn’t be nicer.  Enjoying my novel and my book of Sudoku puzzles.

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what else

It is fall.  Saturday afternoon.  Cold and drizzly.  It is a perfect storm for watching Michigan State football on TV.  It is half-time and State is ahead of Indiana 21 to 20.

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worth a try

I drove north-west of town today to the Seed Road area.  I had hopes (slim hopes) that  I just might find a Snowy Owl.  These beautiful birds have been turning up in the upper peninsula in Michigan.  It is not out of the question for one to turn up here at this time.  However, I dipped on the owl.  I wasn’t out that long, but I did see a Red-tailed Hawk, a flock of approximately a dozen American Goldfinch and three Hermit Thrush feeding on some blue berries of some kind.

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time is running out

It won’t be long before we head south.  Leaving Ontario on the 27th.  A lot of details have been looked after already.  But I still want to check out some of my favourite areas around this neck of the woods before I go.  I need to cruise the area north west of Strathroy, the Seed Road area, to see if there might be an early Snowy Owl around.  I have heard that they are showing up in good numbers in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.  And I also want to cruise around the Melbourne area, in hopes of spotting a Short-eared Owl.  And I want to check out the northern shoreline of Lake Erie at E.M. Warwick Conservation Area, one of my favourite areas.  These back-road trips will provide a chance to soak in the fall colours.  This is an important to me.

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Just heard on the news

They are going to start regulating drones in the United States.  ABOUT TIME!!!

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