Morning Joe on MSNBC

30 Sep

This week the co-hosts, Joe Scarborough and Mika Breszinski, are away.  Vacation, I guess.  So who sits in their place?  The two logical replacements would be Willie Geiss and Mike Barnicle, both full-time and original show members. So Willie did move into one of the co-chair seats.  But I was very surprised that Mike Barnicle was not sitting by his side.  Instead, there was Nicolle Wallace sitting beside Willie Geiss.  Why, for heaven’s sakes?  Nicolle is only a part-time participant on the show.  It seemed to me to a “slight” to Mike Barnicle.  He remained at the table, but there was Nicolle sitting in the co-chair seat.

Might seem petty.  But small, seemingly inconsequential, moves like this can sometimes signal a bigger, behind-the-scenes, shift in staffing priorities.

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