First full day of the symposium

11 Sep

We were up very early (5 am) this morning.  Showered and dressed by 6 am.  We had an excellent breakfast in the hotel restaurant.  And at 7 am, we were boarding the Appledore, a tall ship.  The vessel took us out into Saginaw Bay.  It was a cool morning, but we were dressed in layers.  We saw at least 7 Bald Eagles, ducks, geese, cormorants, Great Blue and Green Herons, great egrets, Ring-billed, Herring and Bonaparte’s Gulls, Belted Kingfishers, Peregrine Falcons (2) and a cole of Merlin.  The cruise out and back took3 hours. A very neat trip.


Back at the hotel, an excellent buffet lunch was provided at noon.  And during the meal, we listened first to some updates and announcements.  This was followed by a “talk” by John James Audubon.  Brian Ellis took on the persona of J.J. Audubon and talked his life and told stories about some of his encounters with birds.  Very entertaining.

This evening, from 5-6 pm, there is a talk by Kevin Karlson, entitled “Birding by Impression”.   Kartson is an accomplished birder, professional tour leader and wildlife photographer.  I am looking forward to hearing his presentation.

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