was at the cabin on the weekend

02 Sep

This past weekend, Abby and I made a trip up to the cabin in mid-Michigan.  I spent most of my time “working”.  There was a section of white trim that was in need of some paint.


I have neglecting this task all summer long.  But I really went at it this weekend.  I scraped the area well, removing the old blistering white paint.  Looked pretty good when I was done.


I also cut the grass.  It needed it badly, since I was unable to mow when I was here the previous month due to a very sore (arthritic) knee.  But the pain has subsided and I went at it.

Of course, I didn’t spend all my time working.  I was able to find plenty of time to sit outside and read and to “smell the roses.”  There is something about standing beside my Cedar River that is very peaceful and watching the river flow by is like sitting around a camp-fire, contemplating life and all its riches.

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