those apple people

25 Aug

Last week I discovered that my iPad Mini had a crack clear across the face of the device.  It wasn’t dropped and I am really not sure how it happened.  So this afternoon, I went in to the Apple Store in the Maisonville Mall in London. I showed them the mini and the crack in the face.  It was a Christmas present last year, so it was less than a year old.  They looked it over and could find no evidence that the unit had been dropped.  The technician said that, sometimes, temperature changes could cause the glass to crack. I explained that I had synced the mini with my lap top this morning.  He told me they would exchange the unit for a new one.  No charge.  I had to delete everything off the old mini.  I did this in front of him.  He then took the unit and gave me a brand new one.  Just like that.  And, oh, I forgot to mention.  It had not even been purchased at the Apple Store.  It was purchased at Best Buy.  That was not a problem for them at all.

How great is that!!!!

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