Always lots to do

05 Aug

Just another day in paradise.  Can’t complain about the weather around here this summer.  We have had some heavy rain at times, but not so often that it got in the way.  Just enough to keep the grass green and the plants growing.  A few hot days, but again, not so many that you have to stay indoors with the air conditioning to survive.

Republican debates are around the corner.  Donald Trump and a bunch of other guys.  Not sure if I will watch it.  Better to catch the highlights on MORNING JOE.  That is where I get most of my news, anyway.

The days are just flying by.  I don’t know what happened to July.  Feel like I went to sleep and missed it.

My oldest son and his family are vacationing in Hawaii.  They have posted a few pics on Facebook.  Sure looks like they are having a good time.

Today, Carol, her two sisters and I are heading to Toronto.  One of Carol’s aunts died.  Heart attack at the age of 61.  Scary.  So we are going to the visitation today.  And then tomorrow we are heading to the cabin for a few days.  Busy time.  Always lots to do.

The butterfly net I ordered thru Amazon still has not arrived.  It cleared customs on July 31st, so it should be here soon.  Surprised I haven’t received notice yet to head down to the post office to pick it up.

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