02 Aug

Abby and I went over to the dog park again this morning.  Our daily one mile walk.  6:30 am.  Felt good.  A little on the cool side.  But I would say it was more refreshing rather than cool.  We were alone.  There are several very tall spruce trees centrally located in the park and I watched as a number of robins flew in across the dog park and landed in these spruce trees.  Additional robins were on the ground.  I am assuming they were getting worms.  There must have been close to 30 robins in the area.  I wonder if they were just family groups or if they are beginning to flock or maybe a little of both.

Outside of the fenced perimeter of the dog park, there is a fairly heavy cover of thick brush, small trees.  Lots of honeysuckle bushes and poke-berry.  This is why there are so many birds in the area.  Lots of food available that provides the nutrients needed for  the coming migration.  Catbirds are quite common around the dog park.  House Wrens are singing.  And this morning I saw quite a number of small “warbler-sized” birds in the trees.  I do not bring my binoculars to the dog park and these small birds were not singing.  But it is nice to see all this activity.

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