It has been a good week

25 Jun

starting with Father’s Day on Sunday, it has been a pretty darn good day.  The weather has been great.  There is still a good amount of bird song in the morning.  The plants and bushes around the house look so lush and lovely.  (staying on top of the weeding has really paid off).  My little yard and garden have been over-run with European Skippers.  I don’t remember seeing this in the previous years we have been here.

I have been enjoying walks over at Clark Wright Conservation Area.  Good rubber boots are required there right now as it is very wet in a result of the downpour last week.  Eyed Browns (butterfly) are very numerous at Clark Wright now as are the European Skippers.

I am still waiting for the Spotted Sandpiper that continues to fly around and around over the marsh out back, to come and check out my water feature.  It has landed a couple of times on the fence just above the feature, but so far I have not seen it actually come down to the water.  One of these days.

Life is good.

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