gorgeous Saturday morning

20 Jun

This morning Abby and were at the dog park at 6:30 am.  Had the place to ourselves for a while, but at 7 am, a couple more dogs arrived.  It was so nice out, that I felt energized and motivated to double the length of my walk around the park.  Abby and I made 6 circuits around the park (2 miles) instead of our usual 3 laps.  Abby wasn’t all that excited about the additional walking.  Each time we got back to the gate, she would stop and look at me as if to say, “Isn’t that enough.”

Back at home, t am enjoying sitting on the front porch listening to the non-stop song of the neighbor’s House Wren.  There is also almost constant chatter from some Cedar Waxwings that are hanging around.  There are numerous honeysuckle bushes around here and they attract a lot of birds….even though the berries are not ripe yet.  There are also many Bank Swallows zooming around.  The builders here in our development have a huge pile dirt built up and the swallow did not waste any time setting up a colony.

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