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15 Jun

First I want to thank my oldest son, Cory, for giving me THE GOLDFINCH.  I thoroughly enjoyed reading this novel.  I thought it was written, had an interesting plot-line and had a good ending.  Some of the Pulitzer Prize fiction I have read leaves me shaking my head and wondering what it was about the book that caused it to be given a Pulitzer Prize.  Sometimes it could just be me and my lack of comprehension.  Some need a second reading.  But I recommend THE GOLDFINCH.

TODAY, I started reading a book by William Least Heat-Moon, entitled BLUE HIGHWAYS – A Journey into America.  I think the best way to describe this book is that it is a travelogue.  The author traveled around the States, deliberately sticking to back-roads (my kind of traveling) stopping in small towns and villages, noting the people and places he encounters along the way.  It was published in 1982.  so it was written a few before that.  The writer is very gifted with language (an ex-teacher of English).  I really like his descriptions.  Here is an example:  “Her flesh looked as if it had been dumped into her stripy dress the way grain gets demoed into a feed sack.”

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