Saturday exploring

14 Jun

I ended up not making it to the Pinery Provincial Park.  Instead, I started by heading over to MacArthur Road to look for grassland birds.  I found Savannah and Grasshopper Sparrows.  Numerous Bobolinks were quite active.  I saw just one Upland Sandpiper, not well, but in a short flight, up and then down again.  I also heard their calling a couple of times.

Then I headed over to Napier Road, to a stretch that is a traditional spot for Clay-coloured Sparrow.  They were easy to find and were singing up a storm.  There were also Brown Thrasher and Eastern Kingbird, besides all the usual sparrow species.  Field and Chipping Sparrows were singing loud and repeatedly.  I also heard a Black-billed Cuckoo calling off in the distance.

From Napier, I headed over to Sexton Road.  This is the dividing line between Middlesex and Lambton Counties.  It is bordered mostly by farm fields (corn and beans), but there are occasional grassy fields and small woodlots.  Song and Savannah Sparrows were seen in large numbers all along the road.

Sexton Road crosses a number of small streams and I stopped at each bridge to watch and observe.  Cliff Swallow colonies were under each of the bridges.  At one of the bridges, a Black-billed Cuckoo put on a neat display crossing back and forth across the road and calling.  (Now if I could just find a Yellow-crowned Cuckoo – haven’t one yet this year).

Sexton Road comes to an end at Townsend’s Drive(?).  I swung onto Sylvan Road and headed up past Pete Chapman’s place in Hungry Hollow (which is for sale) and continued north to Joanie’s Woods.  The road into the woods was washed out so I parked at the entrance and walked in to the parking lot.


.  It turned out to be a pretty quiet area.  Took a picture of A neat beetle, an Elder Borer.


On the way back towards Strathroy, I turned down Townsend’s Road.  I took the off-shoot north that heads up towards the river.  I didn’t see anything new for the day along this back-road.  But I love this little road.  Lots of memories here, including seeing Bald Eagles here along the river.

That was about it for my morning of exploration.  I covered a lot of familiar territory that I had not seen since last year.  Nice!



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