some fabulous weather ahead

02 Jun

After getting thru a couple of rather cool days, we are in for a stretch of very nice weather,  I am out sitting on the deck with the morning sun feeling warm on my arms.  A delicious cup of coffee at my side.  There is a flock of Cedar Waxwings flying around out back here.  A very very slight breeze feels nice.  A pair of Turkey Vultures have taken to the air, slowly circling upwards on the morning thermals.  A pair of Houce Finch flew in and landed on my oriole feeder.  A female Baltimore Oriole just came in for a drink.  There is a robin nest in the honeysuckle bush and the male is almost always sitting close by on the fence singing to its mate just to let her know that he is near by and that all is well.  Some where close, there is a nest of Song Sparrows.  They keep popping up onto the fence to sing and drop down into the water feature for a drink and to splash around a bit.

It is 9:30 am and I am going to head over to Clark Wright Conservation Area.  It has been several weeks since I have been there.  But it is such a nice day, that I feel the need to get out and do a little exploring.  This afternoon I am going to work in the garden some more.  It is looking good.  But for now, I want to see the conservation area.  I always feel a sense of renewal after walking the trails there.

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