a day at Rondeau

14 May

I got up early on Wednesday and headed to Rondeau Provincial Park.  This was the first trip to Rondeau this year.  I bought a seasonal pass upon entering the park.  $125.  Good until the end of November.  The parking lot at the visitor centre was practically full.

The day was very chilly and overcast.  Late in the afternoon, the clouds dissipated and by 4:30 pm it was mostly all blue sky and sun.

I headed down to South Point Trail.  There were birds around, but not in big numbers.  Just a few here and there.  I was lucky enough to see the Yellow-breasted Chat that has been haunting the area across from the first bench.  I walked down to the barricade that warns of the severe erosion.  There was someone (park person I guess) looking for salamanders.  She found a Fox Snake and but it in a bad to be weighed and measured.  It brought to mind a walk along this trail a couple of years ago and finding a snake coiled up in a small tree.

Next I headed over to the Pony Barn.  There is a small pond tucked somewhat out of sight in this area.  It seems like each year there is less and less water in this pond.  It is quickly being choked off by small trees and shrubbery.  I walked south on the trail that leads up to the barn for a while then back-tracked and head over to the maintenance enclosure.  I walked the trail behind the enclosure.  Next, I went over to Spicebush Trail and walked this circular loop.  Lastly I walked down the westerly loop of the South Point Trail.

That was about it.  A lot of walking, not a lot of birds.  Altogether I tallied 67 species.  15 of these were warblers.

But any day that you get to spend at Rondeau is a good day.

Tomorrow morning I am heading out early to the cabin and open it up for the season.  Will need to cut the grass and clean up the debris left from the winter winds.  This is probably my favourite place in the world.  The weather forecast looks good.  The birds in the area will be in full chorus mode.  The Golden-winged Warblers, Blue-winged Warblers and the Mourning Warblers (and many others) will be on territory.  Probably won’t be back until Tuesday next week.



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  1. Bob Zeller

    May 14, 2015 at 6:06 pm

    Wow!! 67 species would be a spectacular day here. 🙂

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