South Padre Island

18 Apr

Nine members of the Arroyo Colorado Audubon Society met in the Home Depot parking lot (behind Jack in the Box) in Harlingen along side of Highway 77 at 7:30 am this morning.  We car-pooled out to South Padre Island.  Again the weather was kind of “iffy”.  Some rain in the forecast AGAIN.  It rained much of the way there.

We stopped along Highway 100 to look at an Aplomado Falcon and a Chihuahaun Raven.  These are both very nice birds.  We stopped at a small park before getting to Port Isabel.  There were Cattle Egrets here, also Sandwich Terns, Royal Terns, a Redhead and some swallows.  The next stop was at Scarlet Colley’s (the Dolphin Whisperer) place in Port Isabel.  Nothing going on there.  So off we went over the causeway and onto the island.  The first stop was the nature/viewing area on Sheepshead.  Here we saw a Canada Warbler, a Northern Waterthrush, a Kentucky was seen by some, at least two Yellow-breasted Chat, and a Blue-headed Vireo.

Next we headed over to the Convention Centre.  There was a “biker” festival going on at the Centre and parking there was limited to bikers.  So we parked at the beach across the road and walked in.  There was a lot of bird activity here.  Mostly, orioles.  Baltimore, Orchard, Hooded and a single Bullock’s (that I did not see!!).  Indigo Buntings were numerous.  At one point, I counted 6 together.  Hard to say just how many were actually there.  Painted Buntings were there today, also.  At least 2, probably more.  Warbling Vireos and Blue-headed Vireos were easy to find.

A Worm-eating Warbler was observed being taken and killed by a Great-tailed Grackle.  There was a Blue-winged, Tennessee Warblers, a Northern Parula, Black-and-Whites Warblers, a Black-throated Blue, one or two Blackpolls, one or two Palm Warblers and a Hooded Warbler.

I did not walk out onto the boardwalk.  But from the Convention Centre, it was easy to observe several Tri-coloured Herons, a Reddish Egret and a Black-crowned Night-Heron.

By this time it was noon and some of us were getting hungry.  Diana Miller, Norma Friedrich went back to the car and stopped a Yummies Bistro on our way off the island.  This place has become one of our favourite places to eat.  Great sandwiches, fast service.  And the prices are good, too.

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