Sal Del Rey

18 Apr

Sal Del Rey Lake area is an interesting place.  There is a parking lot near the road (County Road 186) .  Then there is a fairly long pathway back to the lake.  Cactus Wren were singing.  Pyrrhuloxia were singing.  There were lots of the Mockingbirds along the pathway.  A Brown-crested Flycatcher was calling down by the lake.  Lark Sparrows  were seen along the pathway.  The lake itself is quite large, but very shallow.  I understand that in the heat of the summer it is almost dried up.  And it is an inland salt-water lake.  There were hundreds of small peeps along the shore line, taking to the air periodically.  A coyote was seen walking along the far side of the lake.

Unfortunately, “no-see-ums” were all along the trail.  They swarmed and got into your hair.  Biting, nasty things.  If you are sensitive to their bites, they can leave you with miserable, itching bites.  The bumps resulting from the bites do not go away soon.  And mosquito spray did not deter them.

Still, it was an interesting walk.  New territory.  And this is always fun.


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