Morning on South Padre Island

15 Apr

Tuesday morning, South Padre Island was my destination.  The weather forecast was iffy.  Shortly after arriving on the island, the sky got really black.  I figured for sure I would have to turn around and forget about any birding plans.  But the blackness moved on and though the sun did not come out, at least it did not rain.  I drove onto the sand.  It is quite a wide expanse of sand.  You can drive all the way down to the water’s edge.  Windsurfers and fisherman use this area mostly.  There are usually quite a few shorebirds and waterbirds to be found here.  But the wind was so strong, I could not locate any shorebirds.

There were quite a number of Black Skimmers.  They are fun to watch as they skim along the surface of small pools of water.

2015_04_14_0292(1) 2015_04_14_0223(1) 2015_04_14_0219(1)

There were quite a lot of Franklin’s Gulls hunkered down on the sand.  They are beautiful birds.  The white portions of the feathers are tinged in pink.  I was not aware of this colouring until learned about it and seeing it this summer.  If you look closely, you can see the pink colouring.

2015_04_14_0205(1) 2015_04_14_0266(1) 2015_04_14_0269(1)

There were also quite a number of Laughing Gulls and a couple of Herring Gulls.  Could not get out close to the water’s edge as the wind was so strong.  There were some birds out there also, but it was too far to get much of an ID.

The Convention Centre was next on the list.  With the dark clouds, there came a drop in temperatures.  So there was a chance of small fall-out.  Sure enough, the grounds were playing host to a number of migrants.  Worm-eating Warbler, Prothonotary, Blue-wing, Black-and-White, Scissor-tails, vireos and orioles.


Orchard Oriole


Warbling Vireo

Warbling Vireo

The boardwalk yielded the usual suspects.  Always great to see Soras and Clapper Rail.



Clapper Rail

Clapper Rail



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