meeting with new park manager Tuesday morning

06 Apr

The new park manager is meeting with Diana Miller and I tomorrow morning at the bird and butterfly garden.  We are going to show him what we have created — the garden, the bird blind.  Initial discussions that Diana has had with Tony (the new manager) have been very positive.  I have not meant him yet.  We will be seeking some form of commitment from Tony that the park will be support and fund our plans to provide a wheelchair accessible pathway to the blind.  We’d like to see the pathway built this summer or in the fall.  Evidently, Tony’s son is interested in birds.  So that should be a bonus for us.

Construction of the bird blind is just about finished.  We are at the point of putting on some roofing material.  Rolled roofing of some kind.  The blind is right at the edge of the garden and the birds don’t seem to mind people in the blind.  Today, Buff-bellied Hummingbirds came to the feeder while we were right there.  As well, a Black-crested Titmouse came to the feeder in our presence.

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