Laguna Atascosa Prairie Trail

04 Apr

On Thursday, April 2nd, I returned to the Laguna Atascosa Prairie Trail.  The day before, my attempt to explore this trail was rained out.  But this time, there was no rain.  It was partly sunny.  I brought my dog, Abby, along for the trail walk.  I usually don’t take her on these little jaunts, as she can be a bit disruptive to bird or butterfly observation activities.  But I thought “what the heck” and brought her along.  The trail is about 4.5 miles.  At this time, the last 2 miles are closed off.  I believe I walked close to two miles before turned around and heading back to the car.  The dirt trail traverses coastal prairie and thornscrub, and in wet years has several ponds. There are also views of the Cayo Atascosa, the water source that feeds into Laguna Atascosa. American alligators can be present in the freshwater.  Abby and I were lucky enough to see one of the alligators.  It was on the shore-line of one of the ponds and quickly and loudly splashed back into the water as we approached the pond.

It was quite hot Thursday afternoon and I thought it might be possible to find a snake somewhere along the trail.  But unfortunately, no snakes were seen.

There were numerous egrets and herons feeding in the shallow waters along the east side of the trail.  Especially interesting were the immature Little Blue Herons,  Soras were calling.  Vultures, caracaras and hawks were seen flying overhead.

Butterflies, too, were numerous.  I did not take the time to really examine and identify what they were, as I had to get back for supper.  But I really enjoyed this trail.  It is only about a 30 minute drive from the park.  And I will be exploring it further before we leave for Ontario on the 26th of the month.

Tonight we are going out onto South Padre Island  with friends to the Palm Street Bar, where Leslie Blasing performs each Saturday night.  She is a terrific singer.  The food there is pretty good too.

This afternoon Michigan State and Duke play off for elimination in the NCCA March Madness Tournament.  It is down to the Final Four teams.  Michigan State is the definite underdog.  But you just never know how these things will go.

Dianna Miller and I are hoping to get some more work done on the bird blind tomorrow.

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