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side by side

Sunday afternoon, I drove out past Rio Hondo to one of the units of the Las Palomas Wildlife Management Area.  The Las Palomas WMA has 3311 acres of land purchased to preserve native brush nesting habitat, some farmland and wetlands for white-winged doves. The Las Palomas WMA is comprised of 18 units in Cameron, Hidalgo and Presido counties of the Lower Rio Grande Valley. The tracts range in size from two acres to 604 acres.  There is a large parking lot and my vehicle was the only one there.  I slowly walked about a mile or two back into the unit.  Since it was hot and the middle of the afternoon, there were not much bird activity, except for a number of singing Couch’s Kingbirds.  There were lots of tracks in the dried up mud.  Deer, raccoon, bobcat and turkey.  As I was back-tracking my steps on my way out, a Scissor-tailed Flycatcher swooped in and landed on the wire.  It would only let me get so close and then it would fly up ahead and land again.  For awhile it perched on the fence beside a Couch’s.


I have seen some awesome photographs of Scissor-tails, with that long tail flailing out behind it.  But I find that I just can’t seem to get a good “all-in-focus” shot of one of these birds.  This is maybe because I generally have the camera set for pinpoint focusing.  Need to experiment some with this birds.  The Scissortails are all over the place right now.  Very easy to find.


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