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Great trip to Houston

A friend of ours is in the cast of Amaluna, a Cirque do Soleil show currently being staged in Houston.  We drove to Houston on Thursday (5 1/2 hr trip) to see the show.  It is staged in a huge tent.  Seating for 2,700 people.  There are 50 performers and another 150 crew members.  This is a major production.  Our friend, Aaron, is one of the acrobats.  It was terrific to see him perform and watch this magical show.

From the very outset, we were held spell-bound.  These athletic individuals have crafted their talents together, along with the “unseen” crew members, to put together a fabulous show.

We met up with Aaron after the show. He gave us a back-stage tour.  WOW.  What a terrific event.

Here a YouTube video of one of the acts.  You have a marvel at this.



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