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there wasn’t supposed to be rain today, but….

tell that to Mother Nature. The rain has been steady all afternoon.

I still went for a ride in the country.  But bird life was not very evident.  The “best” bird for the afternoon was a Northern Harrier.  I guess there was a Harris’ Hawk, also.  But Harris’ Hawks are more common than Northern Harriers here.

I am enjoying The Goldfinch.  It is a good read.  Thanks Cory.

I am going to “Music on the Deck” tonight in the Rec Hall.  Starts at 7 pm.  I know one of the girls that sings in the group.


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As soon as the rain stopped, well actually before…..

The back-roads were calling me yesterday.  And there are some back-roads near the park that I have not traveled down before, so yesterday was the day.  It was still sprinkling some when I started out.  But the sky was teasing a bit yesterday, with slight breaks (very slight) in the clouds.  The roads I drove were interesting.  Some grassy lands, some scrub lands, some farm lands.  However, there were not a lot of birds for the most part.  I would not think that the recent heavy rains would have caused the birds to disappear, but maybe they were just laying low.  I saw no hawks.  There were American Kestrels around, though.  No flycatchers were seen.  Turkey Vultures, but no Black Vultures or Caracaras.  There were some rain-created small “lakes” in some of the fields, but I saw no waterfowl.  I did spot a couple of Black-necked Stilts, however.  Killdeer were around.  One field in particular had quite a number.  One flock of about 8 birds.  There was a lone Long-billed Curlew in a grassy area.  This seemed unusual, because often they are seen in flocks.  I saw just a handful of Mourning Doves.  No Swallows.  No kingfishers.  I noted 2 or 3 Golden-fronted Woodpeckers.  A couple of Loggerhead Shrikes.  No Green Jays.  In one field, there were some European Starlings.  No pipits.  There was a large grouping of Savannah Sparrows, perhaps as many as 30 birds.  There were some Lark Sparrows mixed in with the Savannahs.  In the same area, there was a flock of mostly female Red-winged Blackbirds, approx. 15 birds.

I plan on driving this route again, maybe next week, to see if there are any changes to what I saw yesterday.  I plan on going out again today for a drive.  Not sure where, but not too far.  I have to clean the car, today, also, as we are driving to Houston on Thursday (5 hour drive) to see a performance of the Cirque de Soleil.  A friend of mine is in the cast and this is a great opportunity to meet up with him and see a terrific show.



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