Some warmth today

04 Mar

Although the sun did not show much of itself until mid-afternoon, the trail was warm today.  I drove out onto the island and explored the birding area on Sheepshead and the South Padre Island Convention Centre.  No migrants to speak of, but I did get a new “year” bird – Little Blue Heron.  It was also great fun watching a Reddish Egret dancing around in the shallow water.  Twisting, turning, starting, stopping and spreading its wings.  Quite a sight.

On the way back, it was fun looking for Aplomado Falcon.  Didn’t find one, but the habitat was right.  One of these days.

Tonight there is a winter chill advisory.  Temperatures will get down to 4 C, without wind chill.  With strong winds and rain, it will be pretty miserable here.  I know friends back home would be very happy with a temp of 4 C right about now.  But down here??  It just isn’t right.

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