for the first time in quite a while….

01 Mar

No birding today.  Instead, I filled my morning with cleaning the trailer and organizing things to the way they were prior to having company.  Not a lot of work, but we had re-arranged things so Larry and Paul could bunk down in their sleeping bags in the Texas Room.

This morning, I made breakfast>  Sausage, eggs and toast.  I listened to WCMU.  Finished reading the Boreal Owl Murder.

This afternoon I sat down with Diana Miller to review our plans for a bird blind at the Bird and Butterfly Garden.  The materials have been ordered and should arrive on Thursday (no delivery charge for Thursday deliveries).  Then I went to the library and started reading a book that my son, Cory, sent me for Christmas,  The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt.

The Gospel Choir is singing in the Recreation Hall tomorrow evening.  We have a practice in the morning.

I should find some time to do some birding after morning practice.

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