search for the White-throated Thrush (Robin)

08 Feb

Upon arriving at Estero Llano Grade State Park in Weslaco yesterday, we headed right back to the far end of the “Tropical Zone”.  This is the area where the thrushes hang out.  American Robins (about 4 or 5 – a rare bird in the valley), Clay-coloured Thrush (about 6-8 anyway) and a single White-throated Thrush (first seen on Friday, the 6th).  There were quite a few people there.  It had been seen (short, quick glimpses) several times in the morning.  We stayed for several hours.  Unfortunately, I did not get the “glimpse”.  But I am going to head back this afternoon to try again.

We did see quite few birds, though, including a very co-operative Summer Tanager.

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