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the rest of the day

This afternoon I went to choir practice (each Monday and Thursday afternoon).  And then we went to the Mexican Fiesta here in the park.  They have a Mexican Fiesta Day each year here at the park.  There was about 400 people.  8 to a table.  For $10 each we got a typical Mexican meal.  An excellent Mari Ache (sp?) Band wandered around the room playing to each table while we ate.  Two (very weak, but delicious) Margaritas came with the meal. When everyone had finished their meal, dancers came out and put on a show for about 45 minutes.  It was a very entertaining evening.

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sitting outside early this morning

This morning broke with a clear, blue sky.  A bit crisp, but I just felt like sitting outside to drink my coffee.  Curve-billed Thrashers don’t waste any time, stepping onto the feeder for a quick bite.  The mockingbirds follow soon after.

I have gotten into the habit of putting my hummingbird feeder out first thing in the morning and then taking it down and putting it away in the shed once the bees show up.  I don’t want to encourage the bees to stick around and perhaps set up a home around the trailer.

As I sit here, it is interesting to watch a thrasher perch on the neighbor’s water line connection across the road and bend down to grab a drink as there is a small leak there and water droplets provide a sort of drinking fountain.

It is 8 am now and the park is beginning to wake up.  A few people have walked past on their way to the rec centre and the morning yoga and stretch session.  Cindy, lives in the trailer across the road, came out, got on her bike and road off.  The sounds of traffic over on the highway have increased and will continue to do so as the day unfolds.

30 or so Bronzed Cowbirds have come out of the tree behind the trailer and are feeding on the grass in right across the street, 25 feet away.  There is a single Brown-headed Cowbird in their midst.




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