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Games and gas

I play shuffleboard on Friday mornings.  The “shufflers” refer to it as a “scramble”.  There are probably about 60 people on 15 courts.  (4 to a court).  Each group of four plays 3 games.  I lost game one and two and won game 3.  It is a very entertaining way to spend a morning.

Most the gas in this area is selling at $1.79/gallon.  But this afternoon, I was out picking up a few items at the grocery store and I noticed a Chevron station showing $1.75 on their sign.  So I pulled in to fill up.  And even tho the sign said $1.75, at the pump it read $1.65.  No idea it was so cheap.  Some kind of error??  I didn’t ask.  Cheap gas here.

Very windy here today.  And the temp got up to 17 C (62 F).  Tomorrow is supposed to be nicer and I am heading off on the field trip a little north and west of here.

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