morning walk

12 Jan

This morning, instead of walking Abby around in the park, I went out the back gate and crossed the road to the Resaca.  It is a beautiful, clear morning.  Supposed to be a good day, weather-wise, before the rains start up again tomorrow.

We walked along the road, surveying the Resaca and the various greenery along the way.  The Resaca is home to many, many Black-crowned Night-Herons.  There are a couple hundred Black-bellied Whistling Ducks in the area.  There are wintering Lesser Scaup on the water, too.  American Coot are plentiful. Golden-fronted Woodpeckers are easily located along the road, as are Orange-crowned Warblers.

I searched the palms trees where a Barn Owl hung out last year.  No sight of it.  Still waiting for that.  A Great Egret and two Snowy Egrets didn’t allow to approach too close, but really didn’t want to leave the area.  I also saw several Lincoln Sparrows.  They are one of the more common sparrows around here.


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